Postcards from hydra: a place for dreamers and drifters

Author: Haulier

14 Nov 2020

Category: Lookbooks

The Spring Summer 2021 launch campaign features a collection of handmade tote bags, shot on the Greek island of Hydra – a place for dreamers and drifters whose romantic spirit is so intrinsic to the HAULIER story.

Create your own enduring HAULIER 1.01 story here:

Utility. Tote. Bag. Beginning. Staple. Enduring. Made. Genuine. Goods. Seasonal. Menswear. Life. Hydra. Island. Australia. Dreamer. Summer. Picture. Story. Idea. Ideals. Creative. Condition. Travel. Travels. Trip. Time. Romance. Concorde. Holiday. Roam. Ethos. Fun. Work. Play. Ensure. Lug. Stop. Fuse. Beach. People. Donkey. Fruit. Complete. Timelessness.

Wardrobe. Inspire. Vibe. Happen. Unisex. Lifestyle. Garment. Relationship. Experience. Social. Normal. Different. Era. Natural. Real. Feel. Wandering. Freedom. Seeker. Possibility. Whole. Really. Opportunity. Live. Sturdy.

Matter. Quality. Sense. Modern. Heritage. Refine. Create. Material. Canvas. Selvedge. Leather. Weather. Detail. Wear. Condition. Looms. Webbing. Strength. Structure. Colour. Ecru. Azure. Orange. Emerald. Original. Style. Precious. Luxury. Hero. Extra. Endless.
(101 words)

Creative Direction - Jeremy Hershan
Art Direction - Iris Deschamps Courau & Clément Johanet
Photography and Models - Arturo Bamboo
Word Curation - Mike Christensen

Large Orange Utility Tote

Medium Orange Utility Tote

Medium Natural Ecru Utility Tote

Medium Natural Ecru Utility Tote