HAULIER Diaries VOL 5: The stretch of time between.

Author: Dick Carroll

12 Oct 2021

Category: Diaries

Haulin’ my Haulier

I like telling stories about things that would usually be forgotten, a leisurely uneventful walk on a Tuesday afternoon, a trip to the store to pick up milk and eggs, the ride home that you can't remember once you get back. When thinking about this piece for Haulier I wanted to evoke all those ideas, just a normal day, not a weekend, that stretch of time that exists between.

Maybe ironically, this stretch of between-time is also when having a great bag can be most useful. I carry sketchbooks and pencils in case inspiration hits (it doesn't), a book in case I want to read (but end up looking at my phone instead) and there is still heaps of space left for cold beers, fresh produce and small abandoned tchotchkes from sidewalk cardboard boxes labelled ‘free’. In this way a bag becomes an extension of yourself, I always have one with me.

Illustration, Words and 'Between Moments' by Dick Carroll.