Author: Mike Christensten

15 Nov 2020

Category: Diaries

Photography duo ARTURO BAMBOO (Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van Kampen) are partners, in life and work. Their pictures – often of one another – are filmic, emotive and nostalgic and take a more reportage approach to fashion photography. Splitting time between Amsterdam and Berlin, they like to spend summers roaming the romantic Greek island of Hydra. Few better embody the wandering creative ethos integral to the HAULIER brand.

In July, among the dreamers and drifters on Hydra, ARTURO BAMBOO shot and modelled HAULIER’s launch campaign. It is a story about them, living their island life.

Hydra is so special, there's no cars so everybody's walking, which creates this different kind of social aspect,” Arthur says. “Everyone sees each other and you can talk and have a chat. This doesn't happen anymore in the city. I guess we like to live in a little bit of a different era sometimes. A simpler life is more appealing to us.”

In their experience, part of creating an authentic story with fashion accessories is really using them. “We said to Jeremy if we want to have the best pictures, we need to throw our shit in these bags and really use them,” Bamboo says. Arthur nods. “Using them in real scenarios, not staged,” Bamboo adds.

They took the bags everywhere, all over the island – hung them on donkeys, used them for food and veg, chucked them on the beach. They are, after all, designed to be hardy, enduring and timeless – able to deal with all kinds of wear and tear. “They were still in perfect condition after weeks, super sturdy, we were really surprised. They immediately have this lifestyle thing going on and all the colours are so nice too, especially in the sun,” Arthur says.

To further showcase their travelling credentials – photographically and literally – Arthur and Bamboo caught the ferry to Athens on a 40-degree summer’s day.

“The whole trip to Athens was quite essential, because these totes bags are meant to be travel bags,” Arthur says. “Nobody has a travel set anymore, so it’s nice if you have a whole set of bags to travel with. We were dragging them through Athens and people were really wowed. This group of Italian women were like ‘Stop! Where do you get these bags from?’”

ARTURO BAMBOO’s results speak for themselves. Timeless. Wandering. Enduring. What better way to not only show HAULIER’s quality, but to also test it.