15 Aug 2023

Category: Lookbooks

The city of Paris, France, has many different faces. One can find treasures and exuberance in the famed Marais area, romanticism at Montmartre, tales of debauchery at Barbes and history of Saint Laurent's colourful life in the 1970s just across the Left Bank. 

The 8th Arrondisement is no different. This neighbourhood has had it's fair share of changes, upgrades and transitions, sometimes peaceful, other times bloody. It is encased by world-famous monuments L'Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, Gare Saint Lazare and Parc Monceau. The latter is where we took our latest collection of Utility Tote Bags and like it's other constituents it has a unique and rich history of it's own. 

Parc Monceau was fashioned in the "English Style" - an informal garden with curved walkways, a combination of natural formations and artificial decorations including an Egyptian pyramid, a Chinese fort, a Dutch windmill and Corinthian pillars. It was the site of the first parachute jump in history. Here our Utility Totes explored as Parisiens have done for centuries. 

The park is open from sunrise to sunset and has extended opening hours in the Summertime. The park watchmen have held their position here for more than 5 generations.