welcome to haulier

enduring goods

HAULIER goods are designed to live a full life and will be all the better for their experiences.

Established in Sydney in 2020 and crafted in Europe to the highest standards from materials of superior quality, HAULIER makes timeless goods that endure.

Its founder, Jeremy Hershan, draws on a career designing for the world’s top luxury and legacy brands. He takes cues from the glory days of travel, his dual Australian and European heritage and the lasting fashions of the past to create contemporary heirlooms using traditional manufacturing techniques.

Quality is the ultimate luxury because it endures, just like HAULIER goods.

sydney flagship store

300 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

In September 2022. Haulier launched it’s first flagship store located in the heart of Sydney’s famed Oxford Street, Paddington. Haulier’s debut bricks-and-mortar flagship is inspired by the terminals and transit lounges of 1970s airport design and intended to transport customers to the decadence of air travel in decades past and the escapism of far-off destinations.

consciously sourced, mindfully crafted.

HAULIER utilises traditional manufacturing techniques to create modern heirlooms, designed to stand the test of time.

HAULIER’s signature Utility Tote bag is woven to size on antique shuttle-looms, the last looms of their kind in Europe. This time-consuming process allows us to eliminate cutting waste.

HAULIER mindfully manufactures 100% of it’s goods in Europe, only partnering with factories who pay and treat their workers fairly. These often family run operations have generations of craftsmanship at their heart and allow us to work with flexible minimums in order to avoid excess production.

We’re in it for the long haul.