Father's Day 2023


4 Sep 2023

Category: Diaries


In the lead up to Father's Day down-under 2023, we spoke to 4 inspirational men in the HAULIER community about Fatherhood. For those that might have been slow off the mark we have extended our offer of -30% on the Large Washed Black for a limited time while stocks last. 

Roy Leibowitz is a creative director at advertising powerhouse Clemenger BBDO and HAULIER Dad Style inspiration. He has worked on ads for Hyundai, Aldi and Boody to name a few and is one of the people you wonder about when you've just watch a strange beer ad and think who came up with this?

Nicholas Ingate is the founder of Sabbatical Travel; an all-inclusive and uniquely catered service that harnesses the power of transformational travel to help individuals and organisations seeking life affirming experiences.

Oscar McMahon is one of the founders of the famed Young Henrys brewery. Started in 2012 with partners Richard Adamson and Dan Hampton, the team hoped to bring a little more adventure, fun and innovation to the Australian beer scene. Since then the brand and beer has grown exponentially to be easily found in most pubs across the country and something that Sydney-siders are proud to call their own. 

Hugh Stewart is a Father and master photographer working in Woollahra, Sydney. Hugh first picked up a camera to take portraits of his friends which led to an extensive career in London and New York working for esteemed fashion titles and taking portraits of iconic celebrities including Johnny Cash, Catherine Deneuve, Rod Stewart, Lord Snowden, Clint Eastwood, Cate Blanchett and Paul Newman to name but a few. Hugh is also well known for his close working relationship with Australian Auteur, Baz Luhrmann. Hugh has been the on-set photographer capturing stills on famed productions Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and Lurhmann’s most recent extravaganza Elvis. 

1. What does a typical day in your week look like?

Oscar: It is quite rare that any two days in my week look the same, living a bit of a double life between the city and the coast; home is Thirroul but coming up to Newtown most days to get my hands dirty at Young Henrys and time in Paddo at the Unicorn Hotel when I can. I thoroughly enjoy the fast pace as much as I do the slow down and silence.

Nicholas: I take on the role of the household chef, responsible for satisfying the appetites of my 7-year-old and pregnant fiancée. This means I'm usually up and running by 5:30 am, kickstarting my day with a 22-minute meditation, some stretches, and a cold plunge - all cherished moments of solitary tranquility. By 6:30 am, the household springs to life, and I shift my focus to the kitchen, where I whip up a breakfast of eggs. Given my fiancée's pregnancy, it's all about those omegas and proteins! Following the morning routine, I embark on school drop-offs, after which I dive into a 1.5 km swim either at Shelly Beach or Balmoral. Simultaneously, I've launched a new venture centered around transformational travel - an exciting new niche in the travel industry. This venture engages me in captivating discussions and projects, as we cultivate our clientele and curate unique travel experiences. Amid the hustle, there's always room for a second 22-minute meditation session, coupled with a valiant attempt at concocting a satisfying chai latte (currently they taste terrible but I'm practising). After school pickups, I step back into my role as the culinary maestro, often treating the family to a beloved dish - be it chicken schnitzel or a slow-roasted masterpiece. In our home, the absence of a television helps with reading or a sneaky podcast before bed at 10pm. 

Hugh:  I've done my upmost throughout my now long life to avoid ever having days described as typical. The constant is that I like to leave the house for the cafe on the corner and order two piccolos. One with skim milk and one for me with whole milk and an 1/8th of a teaspoon of sugar. This tiny increment of sugar delivered incorrectly has the ability to ruin my day. After that I usually go off to a shoot or go to my studio in Halls lane Woollahra and make instagram reels. 

Roy:  Having kids, all days start and end with lots of schlepping. We get the kids fed and dressed, I take my dog Sunshine for a walk, and then drop the kids at school. After that I pick up a coffee and head into the office or meet my creative partner Chris somewhere.  Advertising creatives can have pretty varied days – sometimes we just spend hours walking around trying to think of ideas, some days we’re in meetings, or lunches. The best days are the ones when you’re in production – there’s nothing more fun than making something. 

2.  Dad-Style or Stylish Dad? Which one befits you best?

Oscar: I'm not sure either of those feel like me... I guess I have a style of sorts but I doubt I have ever been accused of being stylish.  Does that mean I'm dad style? Is this what dad's look like now? I guess so. Dad style it is.

Roy: Haha, I don’t know! I wish the world saw me as a Stylish Dad, but it seems unlikely. So Dad-Style. I probably think I’m cooler than other people think I am. 

Hugh: The word style and Hugh Stewart can not reasonably be used in the same context. I prefer a uniform of blue shirts and Blue pants. I had a recent eBay obsession for pink pinstripe shirts that I've moved on from now.

3. Favourite Dad joke?

Hugh: Any of my extensive repertoire of jokes would get me cancelled so I've stopped out of respect for others.

Nicholas: It's my daughter's favorite. Knock Knock, Who's there, Interrupting Cow. Interrupting cow wh, moooooooo!

Oscar: If you meet one dickhead a week, they're probably a dickhead. If you meet 10 dickheads a week, you're probably a dickhead. Actually, that's not a joke.

Roy: This one’s easy – whenever someone is eating mushrooms I say “careful, don’t eat too many, you won’t have mush-room for anything else!” It’s very bad. Which makes it very good.


4. 5 essentials you carry with you everyday?

Hugh: My car keys because I'm often needing to move the car as the bloody tradies working on unnecessary mansion upgrades in Woollahra take all the all day spots. 

Roy: My phone. I don’t like to sit at a desk, so it’s good that you can do pretty much everything you can do at a desk from a phone these days. I also always have a notebook and a pen (I know these are two things disguised as one) for notes, to do lists, ideas, stupid drawings, all that stuff. A book. I catch a lot of public transport – so it’s always good to have a read. Sunglasses. Always need sunnies. For eye protection. And looking cool.  Lucky objects. I always have some weird trinket I’ve collected – it could be something the kids have given me, like a bracelet or a crystal, or something I’ve picked up in an op shop. I collect a lot of crap.

Oscar: phone, wallet, notebook, keys, jewellery (more is more)

Nicholas: My Suryo man purse, Two phones, a samsung flip & iphone, Unique Design Milano sunglasses, Obvi my new Haulier tote which replaces my old Highsnobiety tote, 5 minute journal  

5. What style advice will you pass on to the next generation?

Nicholas:  Embrace your individuality. Cultivate a sense of curiosity and stay attuned to culture. However, amidst this exploration, You do You. 

Oscar: buy quality, get your boots resoled, dress like you're having fun

Roy:  You’ve only got one life, spend it dressed in a way that makes you happy. I don’t think you need to play it safe, or serious. Getting dressed should be fun. If you like something, go for it. I love seeing people in out there get ups. Huge respect for it.

Hugh: If something is described to you as stylish avoid it like the plague. You'll look back at photos with acute regret and embarrassment.