Meet Me In Marseille


29 Jan 2024

Category: Diaries

Marseille is arguably France’s second most famous city and the country's oldest.  The gateway to the Mediterranean, for centuries the port city of Marseille has been a centre of economic trade, travel and exchange and is growing more and more popular as a destination known for it’s unique natural beauty and culture. It’s a slice of France that has it’s own colourful identity, fashion, culture and raison d'être.

HAULIER collaborators and wandering creatives, photographer Michael Hemy and stylist Lauren Rucha took our timeless wardrobe of HAULIER ready-to-wear clothing on tour to Marseille, documenting their wanderings and explorations of the famous port city.

"The idea behind the shoot was to explore the topography of a place, in this case using Marseille as a setting and to discover it first hand as a spontaneous inventory, mixing the core clothing collection with the natural surrounding we discovered on our daily jaunts! The pairing of images creates it’s own narrative. It was so fun to experiment in this impressionistic way!"

"We loved the dynamic of Marseille it felt very inspiring, there is so much happening and developing that feels culturally relevant and interesting."

"We loved discovering Ensemble books, a local independent book publisher, Rapaille an incredible new restaurant with a homely feel and very good locally sourced bio dynamic wines and of course chez Eitienne pizzeria an old world very local staple." 

"The artists' quarter really feels like you are noticeably in Provence. The atmosphere has an open authenticity. We usually like to cook a dish with local produce sourced from a nearby market, Marseille has excellent shell fish especially clams! The colour of the water in the Calanques is a beautiful Azure blue."