Mother's Day 2023


30 May 2023

Category: Diaries

In the lead up to Mother's Day down-under 2023, we spoke to 4 inspirational women in the HAULIER community about Motherhood.

Goldsmith by trade and founder of her own namesake label, Lucy Folk has dazzled us with her nomadic universe which is informed by travel, art, design, wellbeing combined with exceptional craftsmanship and a vibrant eclectic aesthetic that has become her unique brand signature.

Georgie Lineham is a Mother and producer belonging to the highly regarded North Six Collective; a global network of producers, content creators and thinkers responsible for setting the standard across the production industry in their key disciplines of stills, motion, experiences, PR and influencer marketing. To date, Georgie has been the organising power behind 3 x HAULIER campaigns and a key component bringing the HAULIER brand and vision to life since our launch in 2020. 

Candy Berger is a Mother, one half of what is the wildly successful Lox in a Box empire taking Sydney by storm since 2019, and a HAULIER style inspiration. Through their shared business venture, Candy and wife Gaia Lovell have been able to grow the number of Lox in a Box outlets around Sydney to 4 (Bondi, Coogee, Manly and soon to be Marrickville) as well as strengthen their community in each area by celebrating the food their ancestors were both making in the UK but presenting it in a fresh, modern way. 

 Daisy Tulley is a Mother and Marketing Director (soon to be General Manager) at Mucho Hospitality Group which has spread a series of super cool, considered and award winning saloons across Sydney. You may have been greeted at Micro-Mezcal-Mecca Cantina Ok! and enjoyed tasting some of their award winning Mezcal whilst hearing about the generations of families who made it from eloquent bar tenders Jeremy and Storm, or enjoyed some spiced popcorn and a cocktail at Tio’s Cerveceria, or even a refreshing Scorpino at their newest addition to Sydney nightlife Bar Planet.


1. What does a typical day in your week look like?

Daisy: I wake from karate chops to the head or cuddles by my son Doug at 7am. Coffee, school run, train into work by 9am. Meetings, laughs, taking photos of margaritas, getting outraged over and over til 5pm or so at work. Sometimes swimming, footy or park with the kids followed by dinner & bed. My favourite part of the day is bedtime, that's when the kids tell me all their secrets ''Mum, everyone has a crush on me!''.The day is long and I'm tired so I roll into bed by 9:30pm to watch 1 hr of crum reality TV before I doze off to start it all again. 

Candy: A typical day in the life of candy would be A typical! Everyday is so different. Being a business owner and a new mum, my days can go from morning strolls with my wife and baby in the park with both our dogs to a business critical phone call all within moments! I like to try and be around as much as possible so sometimes that means I’m working before hours and after hours just to soak up those beautiful moments with him in the day! 

2. What is your approach to style Vs motherhood?

Daisy: Practical, efficient, honest & comfy. I want to be able to chase the kids or karate chop. I don't wear makeup, what you see is what you get. I prioritise comfort, I'd rather be efficient to have more time with the kids or work than present in a particular way. I also enjoy appearing unassuming, I feel I get the real read on people and that is priceless. 

Georgie: Motherhood should not dictate style, this is something I feel like after 3 children I am only just starting to wake up to. Sure motherhood requires functionality and practicality but I feel like it’s important to have a few things in your wardrobe that don’t belong to the “mum uniform” pile. 

Lucy: I have always dressed in a comfortable casual way and this hasn’t changed. I just need to be careful at meal times if I am going to a meeting or something particular when an avocado smear may not be appropriate. I think parenting needs to feel effortless but at the same time you need to be able to adapt and adjust for every occasion and feeling much like when dressing. 

 3. 5 essentials you carry with you everyday?

Georgie:  I am a very practical person, in fact everything must be functional for me to carry it around the whole day. I have struggled with handbags of the smaller variety and have always opted for a tote or something larger that I can put EVERYTHING into -my laptop, phone, papers etc in for work whilst carry nappies, baby wipes, toddler snacks and also being able to squeeze in a fresh market shop or supermarket goods. I ask a lot out of a bag! 

Daisy:  Unscented plain moisturiser, phone, keys, sunnies & a snack. I'm a coeliac, so a gluten free snack is always an essential. 

4. Fill in the blank: This Mother's Day I want…

Candy: This Mother’s Day, I have all that I want. I know it sounds boring but when you have a healthy baby, a loving wife and surrounded by friends and family there really isn’t anything else I want for (however if you ask my wife and fashion guru, she has her eyes on those suede loafers in your shop!) 

Georgie: Wake early, walk down our road to watch the sunrise over the valley with my husband. Spend a sunny day with my boys, market shopping, food prepping, gardening in our yard with plenty of cups of tea and snack breaks on the porch.

Lucy:  To be with my family in Paris ❤️ and Joffrey’s mum which will be special 

Daisy:  This Mother's Day I want to be at home with my partner & children. I don't need presents. No candles or flowers please. I love food and my partner Alex makes the most delicious food. Fill me up with tasty snacks, be with me by drinking a coffee with me in the sun. Doug & June will play badminton in the background and I will feel like the luckiest mother in the world.